Audio Post/Sound Design/Mix

Verizon/NFL Networks Game Extra (Audio Post-production)

Verizon - Games on Demand Spot - (Audio Post-Production)

Year Zero - "Diary of A Khmer Rouge Soldier" - Trailer (Audio Post-production, Piano Score

World Wildlife Fund - "Answers Spot" - (Audio Post-Production)

World Wildlife Fund - "The Lake" - (Audio Post, Music Score @ end)

Edgar Snyder - Motorcycle Spot (Audio Post-production)

Sound Design/Edit/Mixing RR Commercial -

Sound Design/Mixing for fantastic new iPad app:

Verizon Fio Spot - "ESPN Challenge" (Audio-post)

Dcyfr - "The Truth" - Web Commercial - (Audio Post, Sound Design)

Promo Vid for Brooks and Dunn Music Video Contest (audio-post)

Dcyfr - "Agent 30 Spot" - Web Commercial - (Audio Post, Sound Design)

Derby in Black - Feature Doc Trailer (Audio Post)

Staunton Hill - Feature Film Trailer - (Audio Post)

"What Ever Happened to Hip Hop"- Feature Documentary - Excerpt - (Audio Post)