Cinematography / Editing

My DP Reel (Camera, Edit, Photography, Motion Titles)

Iron Doll Clothing - Commercial

Rue21 Cinemark AD - Editing and Motion Graphics

Range Resources CNG Fleet Unveiling - Camera for Interviews/B-Roll/Audio -

5th Partner Program Video (Camera/Edit)

Camera/Audio/Director - Rhodes Orthodontics -

Web Commercial – Bonnie and Clyde’s Restaurant (Camera/Editing)

Bahama Beach Towel Web Spot (Camera/Director/Editing)

Excerpt - Asset Education Web Spot - Euphoria Post (Camera)

Camera/Audio/Director - GKG Orthodontics -

All About Bikes Intro Segment - Editing

Rue21 - Spring Trends Video

Energizing America - The 100 Year Secret - (Camera, Interviews/PA B-Roll)

Promo for Motions Productions

Harbour Senior Living - "Heart of Caring Award Spot" - (Camera, Location Audio)

Revolution 360 - Web Show - "David Gauss" - (Camera / Video Edit)

Camera/Audio/Director - Mayberry Orthodontics -

Camera/Audio/Director - Mountain View Dental -

Peachtree Inn Commercial - (Audio Post, Additional Video Editing)

Camera/Director - Loyacona Dental - Orthodontic Smile Academy -


Videography, Video Editing, Audio Post-Produciton, Sound Design, Camera